From Candido Hermida we recognise the importance of taking care of the environment, for this reason we work arduously to establish environmental objectives within our sector. We are environmentally conscious, reason why we work in the application of environmental politics that will secure the sustainable consolidation and growth of our company. Our path towards the protection of the environment has made us evolve to a sustainable company model.


In 2007 the construction department obtained their first certifications ISO 9001 and ISO 14.001 in the “Design and construction of comercial facilities, colectivities and singular solutions” area. Three years later these certifications would be completed with the OHSAS 18.001 certification.

That same year, in 2007, the manufacturing area within Cándido Hermida achieved the 9001 certification. The following year, the area of activity “Manufacturing and assembly of metal furniture” received the 14.001 ISO certification.
Since then, the company activated a rigurous quality system consisting of the application, upgrade and consolidation of a
set of rules established by Candido Hermida to ensure customer satisfaction.
Once again, in 2010, with the adaptation of the new eco efficient concept of furniture, Inditex made us evolve introducing a
progressive concept in our company. This new concept introduced Candido Hermida to PEFC and FSC certification. The adaptation to this certifications brought with it changes in our methods and processes. As for example, the divulgation of the chain of custody between our staff. Since then, all the wood and tops used in manufacturing our products have this certification.
Today, the PEFC certification is the best way to show our commitment with a responsible management of the forrests, one of the main resources of our company. In the commercial aspect, this certification breaks the barriers existing in the international markets, who is aware of a sustainable management of the forrests and avoids wood of controversial origins.


Candido Hermida has implanted a system of prevention of occupational risks, thanks to whom they have identified and evaluated the risks derived from all the positions and has adapted the necessary preventive meassures. For each project there is a especific security plan, in accordance with the study provided by the client. In this plan each position risk is evaluated, having in mind the particular conditions of the work and the necessary tools for the development of the work.